Bonus MP3: Mr. Sleaze -- "Beautiful Girl"

Not too long ago in this space, we posted an item about a local pop outfit (who'll remain unnamed for this post's sake) calling it quits. A few days later, that post was refuted by the Alternative Press -- after the artist's label caught wind of the piece and asked that the twentysomething act go back on record and deny his claims, so as not to hurt his most recent disc's record sales. Those secondary statements are all lies, the act assures us, but, oh well, them's the breaks.

Still, in our original item, though the artist indeed said his current act was going under, he also promised more pop songs on the way -- perhaps under a different name. Less than a month later, they popped up in our inbox, under the performer's name of Mr. Sleaze. Unfortunately, the act seems intent on keeping his real identity under wraps for the time being, writing that "the main dude in the band's name is Albert, [and] that's all I know."

Hmmmm. All right, we'll play along -- for now. After the jump, give "Beautiful Girl," the first single off Mr. Sleaze's debut EP, called Introducing, a listen and download. And see if, maybe, you can interpret our not-so-subtle clues and figure out who this performer might be.

Bonus mp3:

Mr. Sleaze -- "Beautiful Girl"

Kind of got a chillwave-meets-Doobie Brothers vibe, huh? Yes, please.

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