Bonus MP3: Museum Creatues -- "Song ABC"

Last night, The Cavern's free Wednesday night affair, Detour, hosted the live debut of local experimental electro outfit Museum Creatures. And it was a pretty entertaining display offered up by the latest project from Dallas' once-upon-a-time piano-pop musician Tommy Hernandez, most recently of sleaze dance outfit Boytap: Hernandez went to town on his two-keyboard set-up and bandmate Stephen Holmes matched him on the opposite side of the stage, managing a wide arsenal of electronics laid out before him, among them a drum machine and a Nintendo DS.

The sonic result of the band's tinkerings found the band reveling in some rather uncharted bubblegum-trance waters--kinda like if Florene discovered Prozac. Anyway, it was some pretty interesting experimental stuff--and often somewhat improvisational, too, as the band worked out its live show kinks on stage.

Hernandez freely admitted to feeling pretty down about the performance after it was completed, but, his own doubts aside, it was a promising start for a band with a rather unique sound. Hear the band's early output on its SoundCloud page, where it appears to be simply posting any and every idea it's currently with at the moment.

And, after the jump, feel free to download the band's catchiest and poppiest affair, "Song ABC." The song lies somewhere between Fizzy Dino Pop and, I dunno, maybe Islands, on the sonic spectrum, and Hernandez has been kind enough to let us pass it along your way. Check it out.

Bonus mp3:

Museum Creatures -- "Song ABC"

Seems you can take the musician out of pop, but you can't take the pop out of the musician.

Catch Museum Creatures next on Thursday, March 4, at Oak Cliff's Tradewinds Social Club.

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