Bonus MP3: Objektiv One -- "Juicy (Banana Boardin' Mashup)

Area graphic designer/hip-hop producer Objektiv One's always up to something. Or so he makes it seem on his always-entertaining, damn pretty self-titled blog, where he pontificates on all things music- and visual-related.

And, earlier this month on his blog, Objektiv One (real name: Ross Edman), released a short, free, three-track EP of unsolicited mash-ups called Beer Pong Champion: White Boy Party Mashups. (Download the whole thing right here.)

In title, the EP serves a not-so-hidden homage to Asher Roth's "I Love College"--which, sure, makes sense. That's one of the three hip-hop tracks Objektiv One provides the mash-up treatment here by switching out breakbeats for indie rock and/or afrobeat stylings.

Anyway, the results? Straight-up ear candy--less danchall than the efforts of fellow area mashup artist LehtMoJoe, and more, well, white boy party songs, just as the album title implies.

Long story short: We approve--for what it's worth, I played one of these tracks a few weeks back at the monthly Local Hang at The Libertine. Others dig it too, though: Yesterday, one of the tracks, a sunny mash-up of Notorious B.I.G's "Juicy" with Coconut Records' "West Coast" made its way onto music blog aggregator Hype Machine--and the song's earned a sufficient amount of props since.

Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Objektiv One -- "Juicy (Banana Boardin' Mashup)

Objektiv One -- "Juicy (Banana Boardin' Mashup)

Try not envisioning yourself sipping a Mexican beer while listening to this one on the beach. It's impossible.

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