Bonus MP3: OK Sweetheart - "Before You Go"

Splitting time between Tulsa, San Francisco, Denton and New York City, OK Sweetheart is grounded by the seductively soulful voice of Erin Austin. Sounding quite a bit like Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval, Austin has an evocative set of pipes that suits the band's dreamy vibe perfectly.

Although the band's name might suggest an alt-country bent, OK Sweetheart actually plays music that leans in more of an indie rock direction, with a hint of jazz thrown in to boot. Slow and meditative, the band's mellow grooves are the ideal backdrop for Austin's earthy vocal tones.

With help from members of Midlake and The Polyphonic Spree, OK Sweetheart recorded Home, the band's debut full-length effort, which was released this past April.

Tonight, the band comes to Denton -- just one of its four home bases -- for a gig at Dan's Silverleaf alongside Sam Robertson and Tiger Darrow. In anticipation of tonight's event,  OK Sweetheart was gracious enough to offer up one of Home's best cuts, "Before You Go," as a free MP3 for readers of DC9. Check it out after the jump.

Bonus MP3:

OK Sweetheart - "Before You Go"

OK Sweetheart - "Before You Go"

Pretty cool, huh? Folks who find themselves in and around Denton tonight might do well to make their way over to Dan's.

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