Bonus MP3: Onward We March -- "Of Pestilence"

A funny thing happened to local metal outfit Onward We March on their way to releasing their debut CD. They fired their lead singer.

Just a few weeks after pressing their The Golden Vine EP, the band decided to change singers.

"I know it's incredibly bad timing all around," says guitarist Tito Lopez. "But we just had creative differences with our singer. All of this happened just two weeks ago."

Turns out those creative differences have resulted in the fact that tonight's CD release show at Reno's Chop Shop will also be the last time lead vocalist Logan Acton performs with the band.

"We are having tryouts for a new singer this Saturday," says Lopez. "We hope to have someone in place very soon."

Until that time, tonight's performance will have to suffice -- which is especially sad considering the solid performances found throughout The Golden Vine. For proof, check out the track "Of Pestilence," which the band has graciously offered up as a free download for DC9 readers, after the jump.


Bonus MP3:

Onward We March -- "Of Pestilence"

Onward We March -- "Of Pestilence"

That's a nice slab of old-school metal with a definite post-punk influence. Hopefully with new singer in place, Onward We March will be able to do as their name bids.

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