Bonus MP3: Quintet For The End Of Time -- "The Writing On The Wall"

SMU music professor Kevin Hanlon, leader of the progressive rock outfit Quintet for the End of Time (which we've written about before), has returned from Italy where he and his band played several festivals.

“People [in Italy] are genuinely excited about music and accepting of variety,” says Hanlon. “I had a great time while playing through an amplifier that I’d never seen before on a guitar that I had just bought.”

Partly due to the trials and tribulations of the music festival environment, Hanlon is glad to be back home and anxious to get his band into the studio. Only the U.S. Department of Immigration stands in the way: “Our Italian keyboard player could not get his visa renewed in time and we will be without him until next year, at the earliest,” bemoans Hanlon. So, the quintet will become a quartet for some local appearances and studio dates. “We’ll still work on tracks that don’t feature keyboards,” says Hanlon.

Originally, a new CD was scheduled for release in the fall, but Hanlon says any new release will probably have to wait until 2009. In the meantime, the illustrious professor has graciously allowed DC-9 to post this new cut...

Bonus mp3:

Quintet For The End Of Time -- "The Writing On The Wall"

Heavy stuff, indeed. No wonder those Italians drink so much wine! --Darryl Smyers

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