Bonus MP3: Rachel Bazooka -- "My Mirror"

It was way back in 2007 when the above video of Taylor Young,
he of THe BAcksliders and The O's, made its way to Youtube, posted as the visual accompaniment to the song "Chrissie Hynde" from Bucks Burnett's long-in-the-making Rachel Bazooka outfit.

Turns out the project, which, at its core, is just a duo featuring Burnett and
Hubertus Winnubst, had plenty more on the way--about 93 more minutes to be exact. Earlier this week, Burnett dropped off Rachel Bazooka's debut release, Colorbl nd. It's a mommoth of a debut if ever there was one, clocking in at 97 minutes over the span of two discs.

Far as Burnett knows--and he'd know plenty, given his long history an area musician, producer, record store owner and, most recently, eight-track museum proprietor--it's the first ever double-disc debut from a Dallas band. Hell, by his recollection (and who are we to argue otherwise), it's only the fourth double-disc debut in history, behind debuts from Frank Zappa, Chicago and George Harrison--or so Bucks explains in an essay over on Unfair Park, where Robert's also posted a stream of the first disc's closing number "Carry Me Down." There, he goes on to say more about the disc, and it makes for a good read, actually. But Bucks doesn't offer up this pretty pertinent info about the other artists who say in and joined Rachel Bazooka in the studio, recording this monumental release, among them Young, Salim Nourallah and Paul Averitt.

After the jump, a stream and a free download of another of the Disc One's tracks, this one called "My Mirror."

Bonus MP3:

Rachel Bazooka -- "My Mirror"

Rachel Bazooka -- "My Mirror"

Over on Unfair Park, Burnett calls this the debut of "The Dallas Sound." And I'm OK with that, actually. Sounds a little like Centro-matic with a little added retrospection mixed in to me. At least on this track. Not throughout the album.

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