Bonus MP3: Rorschach Muse - "Skyscraper Dive"

Brothers Todd and Greg Brin used to front Magneto Combo which released four albums starting in 2001 and culminating with the magnificently titled Betty White Knows Her Porn in 2007. But since Magneto Combo bit the dust, the brothers Brin have honed their skills and incorporated the more modern sounds of Wilco and The Shins into their Beatles-esque aspirations.

Performing under the still-geeked-out comic-book-ish name of Rorschach Muse, the brothers are currently working on its debut full length effort--and Todd Brin was kind enough to send along a demo of "Skyscaper Dive," a song that should lead off the upcoming effort (slated for release in the fall), as a surprise treat for the readers of DC-9.

Bonus mp3:

Rorschach Muse - "Skyscraper Dive"

Hey, that's a pretty nice slice of low-fi noise. Kind of like The Walkmen without the dark, stoner buzz. Look for Rorschach Muse to be hitting the area clubs in the coming months.

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