Bonus MP3: Roy G and The Biv -- "Runnin' (Miadis Remix)"

It's been a minute since we checked in on Roy G. and The Biv, who, surely, are most easily described as the sugar to Alan Palomo's spice when it comes to Denton-bred electro-dance outfits.

Well, today comes a spate of news, actually: First, and perhaps foremost, the duo of Max Townsley and Drew Erickson is hard at work on their debut full-length release, which is set for release in 2010. Second, the band's also in the process of finishing up some remix work for The Bravery and Iglu and Hartly. Third, and perhaps more pertinently, there's this: This morning, the duo released a new remix of its song "Runnin'," created by some fella named Miadis (not sure who he is; closest we could find to that moniker is Fort Worth's George Miadis, also bred in Boston like Roy G and The Biv, and a member of local quartet EpiTas). But, regardless of who the person behind the remix is, fact is, it's a nice update, swapping out some of the sheen in favor of a slower, lazy summer beat.

Stream and download the new mix after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Roy G and The Biv -- "Runnin' (Miadis Remix)"

Roy G and The Biv -- "Runnin' (Miadis Remix)"

Would it be heresy to say I actually prefer this version to the original? No? OK, then here goes: I prefer this version to the original.

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