Supposedly, Kelly Christian sings, too.

Bonus MP3: Shock of Pleasure -- "Superstar"

A few months back, I wrote about Shock of Pleasure’s super attractive front person Kelly Christian and the band’s debut CD It’s About Time hitting the streets. Well, it seems those were just the local streets.

The band’s publicist, one Amanda Tropila, has just informed me that the effort was re-released on a national scale just yesterday. The new issue includes two additional tracks: cools covers of “Superstar” (The Carpenters) and “Spooky” (Dennis Yost).

Bonus mp3:

Shock of Pleasure -- "Superstar"

Both cuts add even more coolness to an already trendy set of electro-trance mood pieces. Originals such as “Xenophobia” and “False Positive” set the late evening mood just as well as the covers and the shimmering, picture perfect production should gain the band in roads at all the trendy nightspots.

Tropila, of course, insists that Shock of Pleasure has generated a huge online buzz and, though we're not sure where exactly, we all know that a publicist never overstates the facts, right?

In any event, as was the case when it was released just in these parts, It’s About Time is a clever slab of fashionable dance tunes played with passion and precision. And, of course, having the hot lead singer doesn’t hurt. --Darryl Smyers

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