Bonus MP3: Sir Silky -- "Getcho Bodeee"

Bonus MP3: Sir Silky -- "Getcho Bodeee"

In this past week's issue of the Observer, Merritt Martin weighs in on Perilous Hits, the debut release from Sir Silky, the latest identity claimed by Cheyenne Schweitzer (formerly of Tiger Moth). It's a heavily Prince-inspired disc--but in a good way, Martin assures:

"This incredibly NSFW album... should be taken seriously, even if it begs you not to." Continue reading...

See what kind of twisted stuff Schweitzer's begging of his listenership after the jump, as he's been kind enough to pass along a free download of his rousing pop ditty, "Getcho Bodee," to DC9 readers.

Bonus mp3:

Sir Silky -- "Getcho Bodeee"

For what it's worth, I don't really care if you're hearing's impaired, either. But I do feel for you, as you're now gonna have this song running through your head for at least the next week.

Granted, there are far worse fates.

The real question here, folks, is if Silky can pull this sound off live. I guess we'll find out on Friday, April 2, when he takes the stage at the Double Wide...


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