Bonus MP3: Smile Smile -- "Beg You To Stay"

Today marks the first day in which audiences can head on out--or just sit in and click over to iTunes or your digital download store of choice, whatever--and purchase the new Smile Smile disc, Truth on Tape.

And, in many ways, the title of the disc explains exactly what can be heard within.

That's 'cause each of the songs on the album were written by Ryan Hamilton in the wake of his breakup with one-time fiancee and bandmate Jencey Hirunrusme. It was a pretty nasty (and, yes, relatively public) split, but somehow--as is detailed by Lance Lester in this upcoming issue of the Observer--the band was able to move past that ugly moment and keep trucking forward as a musical entity.

As such, not all of the songs on the album are what one would term "lovey dovey." Some, like the closing track "Labor of Love," are actually quite biting--and kind of a departure for the duo. It's not all like that, though: lead single "Beg You To Stay" finds the band reveling in its usual comfort zone of charming indie folk-pop with pleasing harmonies. And the band was kind enough to pass along that track as a free download for DC9 readers--who may already be familiar with the song, actually. Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Smile Smile -- "Beg You To Stay"

Smile Smile -- "Beg You To Stay"

Catch Smile Smile perform a free in-store gig at Good Records on Saturday at 4 p.m. Later that night, the dup will perform its CD release show at the Double Wide, where it will share a bill with The O's and Giggle Party.

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