Bonus MP3: Stumptone -- "Pledge of Allegiance"

Inspired by last night's election results (Barack Obama won, in case you hadn't heard), Stumptone singer Chris Plavidal posted his version of Roky Erickson's take on "Pledge of Allegiance," from the 1999 Emperor Jones collection Never Say Goodbye, to his band's MySpace page.

As Plavidal writes about the song, "The melody was written by Roky Erickson while he was in the hospital at Rusk. I recorded this song this morning at home in the dining room on the old 4-track as a reaction to last night's victory. It seems like a new reality has dawned - like we have another chance as Americans to do right by ourselves and the world. What a relief!! I'm feeling really proud of us all today!"

I can't help but share in his enthusiasm. While watching the returns with my family last night in the Bishop Arts District, I tried to think of a moment when I've been prouder of my country or of my generation and came up blank. Plavidal's quietly celebratory and sincere take on words we've all memorized through years of rote repetition sums up my feelings as well as anything I've listened to all day.--Jesse Hughey

Bonus mp3:

Stumptone -- "Pledge of Allegiance"

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