Bonus MP3: The Crash That Took Me -- "Through The Pattern and Out the Other Side" (Plus: A Giveaway!)

In this week's paper, Observer contributor Eric Grubbs takes a look at the path taken by The Crash That Took Me--one that's run through past area favorites [DARYL], Black Tie Dynasty and Macavity--to get to where it is today, a seven-piece piece on the brink of releasing its sophomore album.

In next week's paper, he'll review said actual disc, called Chlorine Colored Eyes. For now, just a short preview of his review:

In many ways, this record is a logical follow-up to the band's debut, Orchestrated Kaleidoscopes. And for the better, the now seven-piece sounds like a fully-fledged and fully-realized band.

And at the band's CD release show at Sons of Hermann Hall tomorrow night, where the band will be joined by True Widow, Stereo Is a Lie and Gaffney, fans will be given a free copy of the disc upon paying their $10 entrance fee. Not a bad deal.

But here's a better deal: The band's been kind enough to offer up two pairs of tickets to tomorrow night's gig--and with it, two free CDs--to a couple of DC9 readers. Could be you, too, if you're among the first two people to email me with "Chlorine Colored Eyes" in the subject line.

Even if you miss out on that freebie, though, this one's open to everyone. After the jump, check out the exclusive, temporary download the band has offered of the album's third track, "Through The Pattern and Out the Other Side."

Bonus MP3:

The Crash That Took Me -- "Through The Pattern and Out the Other Side"

It's classic Crash, really. Layer upon layer of melody and noise, distant vocals, and filtered through a bombast unmatched in the local set.


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