Bonus MP3: The Kilroys - "The Ballad of John McCree"

Awhile back, I posted an mp3 from a local act called Three Cities Burning. In that post, I commented that the band's country/rock sound didn't suit its post-punk moniker. Well, lo and behold, it seems that's now been taken care of.

In a recent email, drummer Guy Cramer informed me that Three Cities Burning is now called The Kilroys. "We decided the name was too conflicting of a sound for our genre," wrote Cramer. Hey, that's what I said back in April.

To celebrate this name change, the band went into the recording studio and cut a fine example of Americana entitled "The Ballad of John McCree." Mr. Cramer was nice enough to offer the song as a free MP3 for the readers of DC-9.

That's a pretty killer track if you ask me. Very reminiscent of Too Far to Care era Old 97s except with a little more mainstream vocalizing. A few more cuts like that and Cramer and crew, by whatever name, should be gathering accolades across the metroplex.

Anyhow, I'm unsure how much The Kilroys sounds like a country name, but it's definitely less punkish (and mawkish) than their old moniker.

Catch The Kilroys tomorrow night at the Caddo Street Grill in Cleburne and look for a new five song EP (featuring "The Ballad of John McCree") to hit the streets in September.

Bonus mp3:

The Kilroys -- "The Ballad Of John McCree"

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.