Bonus MP3: The Lash Outs -- "The Kids Don't Wanna Dance"

Bonus MP3: The Lash Outs -- "The Kids Don't Wanna Dance"

Jesse Hughey wrote up a review of The Lash Outs' new self-titled disc for this week's paper, praising the band's lyricism and enthusiasm within its straight-ahead punk rock approach.

Specifically, he name-checks this song, "The Kids Don't Wanna Dance," and rightfully so. Check out these lyrics:

And when I walk the vacant streets of Ellum / I can't help but feel a little sore / And you know what hurts the most? / My heart's a-breakin' 'cause the kids don't dance no more.

Hear it for yourself on this free download...

Bonus mp3:

The Lash Outs -- "The Kids Don't Wanna Dance"

Yeah, it's bratty. But ain't it also an accurate description of Deep Ellum's musical climate at the moment? --Pete Freedman

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