Bonus MP3: The O's -- "Bowling Green (Everly Brothers Cover)"

Hey, look: The O's have a little gift for you. And... well... ah, hell, I'll just let Idol Records' Erv Karwelis explain it to ya:

As the guys gear up to record their next album and head out on their first European tour, they decided to give something back to their fans with their free recording of the Everly Brothers classic "Bowling Green". Also attached is a video of the song recorded on tour and featuring their beloved van "Flaps" (RIP). It's faithful service to the band ended somewhere outside of Memphis a few months ago.

Poor, poor Flaps. Seemed like a good van. Anyway, download his pretty awesome tribute after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

The O's -- "Bowling Green (Everly Brothers Cover)"

Kinda puts the whole O's twist on

the original

, no? Well, I, for one, dig it--although, I have to wonder: Between this and another song the band has about California, when's Texas gonna get it's love?

In song form, I mean. Performance-wise, there's plenty of love: Catch The O's next on January 28 at Andy's in Denton. Or catch 'em the next night in Dallas at City Tavern. February and early March feature a couple of area gigs, too. But, come mid-March, Taylor Young and John Pedigo will be hitting up Europe, giving their Texas twosome a try in the old country.


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