Mike Slagle has led some form of The Uncle Bill Roach Band since 1976., which, according to my math, equals 33 years quality Texas music.

Name after Slagle's great Uncle, the band incorporates tropical influences into its version of Americana. Now based out of Granbury, Slagle and crew remain a vital link to our state's musical heritage.

8 Second Ride, The Uncle Bill Roach Band's forthcoming full-length is slated for release later this month. But Mike was kind enough to send along the first single from the album as a special preview just for DC9 readers. After the jump, check out "I'm Going to Texas."

Bonus MP3: The Uncle Bill Roach Band -- "I'm Goin' To Texas"

Bonus mp3:

The Uncle Bill Roach Band -- "I'm Goin' To Texas"

That's certainly sounds like Texas--lots of banjo and fiddle, real boot-scootin', dancehall material.

Over the years, Slagle has won several songwriting awards and he and his band seemingly play every festival that has ever been organized around the region. Come Independence Day, the band will be playing a hometown gig in Granbury. So keep an eye out for that.

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