Bonus MP3: The Uptown Bums -- "This and That"

If you've already inked your fingers on our paper edition this week, then you know a lot more about The Uptown Bums than that the band's opening for Monotonix tonight at Rubber Gloves.

But, 'cause I interviewed every member of the band individually for the piece, loads of material for this particular North of the Dial ended up on the cutting room. Stuff like, well, this: Bricks were literally falling from the side of the band's house venue, 818 House, when Wavves played the house's kitchen "amphitheater" at last year's House by House Fest in Denton.

Oh, and this too: The band recorded a whole album's worth of material with Orville Neeley of Bad Sports before Neeley's recent move to Austin to run sound at Beerland. Unfortunately, The Uptown Bums aren't planning on releasing the material as a full-length-- mostly, the band says, because its are already working on a much more "cohesive" effort. But the band will be releasing that old material as a series of 7-inches set to come out in the coming months. And they've been kind enough to pass along a preview of one of the tracks for DC9 readers.

After the jump, check out "This and That" to get an idea of the band's "kitchen punk" sound.

Bonus mp3:

The Uptown Bums -- "This and That"

The Uptown Bums -- "This and That"

See you at the show tonight.

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