Bonus MP3: The Warlocks -- "So Paranoid"

Are warlocks more powerful than wizards? Less? (Ian Brooks)

So there's a pretty solid show going on over in Fort Worth tonight at ye olde Lola's Saloon with the Vandelles and The Warlocks. Brooklyn's The Vandelles are a kinda experimental, psyched out surf-rock act, but the band I'm more interested in is The Warlocks.

Bonus mp3:

The Warlocks -- "So Paranoid"

The Warlocks -- "So Paranoid"

The Warlocks are kinda an amalgamation of two big trends in indie rock these days: lo-fi and psychedelia. The above, free, downloadable mp3 shows this off fairly well. Plus, the whispered vocals and the reverberation on the keys are nice touches. I dig those.

Problem is, a band like this is a tricky one to judge when it comes to live shows. First off, you can tell it's gonna be loud, so you better go in prepped for that. And second, because it's going to be loud, the sound at the venue better be great. If it is, and the band plays an ace set, it'll be a dope show. If not...well, it might not be worth the tank of gas it'll take for your gas guzzler to drive to Fort Worth and back.

[Sidenote: It really is a shame what gas prices are doing to these maybe/maybe not concerts for showgoers at opposite ends of the Metroplex triangle. Gotta imagine there's a whole lot less inter-city concert-going driving going on these days, huh?]

Oh well. Download the track and see if it's worth it for ya. At the very least you get a free mp3 out of the deal. And, who knows? Might be worth it. I can, at the very least, vouch for the fact that it's a pretty rockin' song you're getting here. --Pete Freedman

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