Bonus MP3: Three Cities Burning -- "Swimming In The Bottle"

With a name like Three Cities Burning, you might think this Fort Worth quartet would play music of the generic Emo-punk variety. But they don't call our western neighbor Cowtown for nothing, folks...

Three Cities Burning is nothing more and nothing less than a mainstream country rock outfit. I wouldn't go as far as to call these guys alt-country, but there's enough true Americana going on in these grooves to set Three Cities Burning apart from the Travis Tritts of this world, I'd say. And drummer Guy Cramer was kind enough to send this little ol' mp3 my way, a cry-in-your-beer number from the band's forthcoming debut EP Behind a Smile and a Nod. Check out "Swimming in a Bottle" after the jump...

Bonus mp3: T

hree Cities Burning -- "Swimming In The Bottle"

Fairly rocking roots stuff, if you ask me. Strikes me as a little more commercial version of Eleven Hundred Springs. Singer Dustin Deaton has got that cowboy baritone down pat, and the production is first rate.

If these boys ever decide to move past the easy clichés, they might blossom into something special. Catch 'em live tomorrow during the band's in-store at Bill's Records.

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