Bonus MP3: Trebuchet -- "Black Beard"

The Denton music scene certainly has its share of indie rock darlings, but not many would expect a prog metal band like Trebuchet to hail from the northern reaches of the Metroplex. Yet hail this quintet does--and best of all, they're actually pretty good.

And, this Friday at Hailey's, Trebuchet--named after an early version of the catapult used back in the Middle Ages to throw stones at castle walls--will hold a CD release party for its debut effort, The Bear and The Moon. Then the band heads down to Austin for a couple of shows before returning to the area for a gig at the Curtain Club on April 4.

Take a listen to "Black Beard," the opening salvo from the band's 21-track, two-disc debut.

Bonus MP3:

Trebuchet -- "Black Beard"

Trebuchet -- "Black Beard"

The cut has a little bit of a strip club vibe to it. And, actually, that's high praise in the world of metal. Vocalist/guitarist Justin Hawkins certainly has the prerequisite frontman angst, too, and the production on the disc is first rate.

Perhaps Trebuchet can become part of a thriving area metal scene. Who knows? Any band that has the balls to put out a double CD debut in this economy is all right by me.

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Darryl Smyers
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