Bonus MP3s From The Black Angels and Brothers & Sisters

Brothers & Sisters were down a few family members last night. (Aubrey Edwards)

So, earlier today, you saw my review of last night's show at the Granada, which was a fairly good time in my book. It was a big, fun, Austin-imported night. Now, a bonus...

Actually, make that two.

Bonus mp3:

The Black Angels -- "Doves"

There's actually a little more going on with this track than on most of The Black Angels' stuff. "Doves" starts off more raucous than plodding, more active than slow-and-steady. And that's perfectly OK. Good, actually. Quite good.

Bonus mp3:

Brothers & Sisters -- "One Night"

A perfectly irresistible pop, which is something that's absolutely always welcome on my player. This description's gonna make you think this song's terrible but I can't help but describe it as a blend of '70s pop and mid-'90s post-grunge era pop. Like...hmmm...Edwin McCain meets America, but with more alt-country twang. I know that sounds (and, yes, feel free to imagine me doing this in Wilonsky's voice, Ticket listeners) terrible, but it's actually quite tasty and delicious, thank you very much.

Anyway, enjoy. --Pete Freedman

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