Whiskey Folk Ramblers killed on Saturday.

Bonus MP3s: RTB2's "The Spilling Blood Child" and Whiskey Folk Ramblers' "Moanin' Rag"

Saturday at the Double-Wide was a pretty epic night--especially considering how I'd entered the evening not really feeling up to going out in the first place. But a little peer pressure later, and, shit man, there I was, taking in another show--albeit one I'd looked forward to. And it hardly disappointed.

The Naptime Shake opened with a sound no one really saw coming (there were screams?!?!), RTB2 blues-riffed the crap out of the crowd and the Whiskey Folk Ramblers had the audience at its folk noir hello.

Here's a taste of how the night went (in the form of two free mp3s):

Bonus mp3:

RTB2 -- "The Spilling Blood Child"

Bonus mp3:

Whiskey Folk Ramblers -- "Moanin' Rag"

Two pretty effin' badass mp3s, I may add. --Pete Freedman

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