Bonus MP3s: Two Tracks From Exit 380

In this week's paper (the online version should be up and online in a few minutes), Darryl Smyers reviewed the latest release from Denton's post-grunge-loving outfit Exit 380, The Life and Death of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Stone.

The 12-track affair (which is presented in some unfortunately confusing packaging that aims to be creative, but instead ends up making it difficult to find the track listing), is a somewhat heady affair, Darryl notes, pointing out the fact that Exit 380 has chosen to release a conceptual effort here about the trials and tribulations of a fictional 1930s couple on this, the band's fourth release since forming in 1999.

At times, it's a truly interesting disc, as you get to see the band stretch a little bit beyond the comforts of its usual sound and treading into more experimental (for them at least) grounds by toying with some hints of alt-country. Check it out...

Bonus mp3:

Exit 380 -- "Bert Hill"

Bonus mp3:

Exit 380 -- "The Courtship of Sue Stone"

Unfortunately, as Darryl wrote in this week's paper, "one can't help but wish the [lead singer Dustin] Blocker and crew might have followed the alt-country vibe that subject matter suggested" a little but more intently.

Still, it's a solid effort. And this is by all means some accessible stuff--so it makes sense, then, that Exit 380's been playing almost nonstop around town in recent weeks. In the coming months, too, you can find the band at various venues throughout the Metroplex. Check the band's Myspace page for details on those gigs, and for more streaming tracks off of the disc. --Pete Freedman

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