Bonus MP3s: Two Tracks From Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

Yesterday evening, at a fairly crowded Maximedia Studios--which is way the eff out by Farmer's Branch--recent Atlantic Records signees Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights performed an hour-and-a-half set that, in the coming months, should be released as a live EP release to help preview the band's major label debut--just another push in the big marketing plan currently being set in motion by the band's handlers as they determine the best way to package this mainstream accessible band to a national audience in 2009.

This year's earlier release, Hot Trottin', if a bit under-mixed not-so-greatly mixed in post-production, offers good insight into the '70s-inspired type of blues rock/pop sound the band is aiming for. Band management was kind enough to allow us to pass a couple tracks from that disc along for your consumption...

Bonus mp3:

Jonathan Tyler & The Norther Lights -- "Gypsy Woman"

Bonus mp3:

Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights -- "Time For Love"

If the major label marketing push--a crap shoot in this day and age, really--works, I'd say we can expect VH1 to be telling us that we "oughta know" JT&TNL come, oh, August of next year. --Pete Freedman

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