Brent Best's Got Some New Material. He Just Needs Backers.

After the recent announcement that the Old 97's will soon be recording new material for an upcoming album, now comes word that a country-rocking contemporary of that act will also be releasing some long-awaited, new material. Thanks to the blog NineBullets.net, our attention is directed towards a post on Slobberbone's official website where Brent Best drops the knowledge that the boys have a "desire to return to creating new Slobberbone material in the near future".

While that sweaty slice of info is rather fist pump-worthy, I don't mean to bury the lead here: In the same posting, Best explains how it's finally time for him to release "a number of unreleased songs," and he is enlisting the help of Slobberbone fans from all over, in order to do so.

The content of this solo album will be made up of unreleased tunes that many have heard Best perform in the past, and others that only Best is familiar with. He'll be going into the studio to lay it all down and to do that, he is cutting out the middle man and looking to deal with you, the consumer, directly.

After the jump, check out Best's sweetheart of a deal.

"So now I make this offer, to those and only those who would feel no weirdness about it: Help me make this record. For a $10 contribution, you will receive a limited edition of this record, to be recorded later this summer, shipped to you upon completion, personalized and with your name on it."

Along with further details on how to contribute to this most worthy of causes, Best mentions that the donors who provide him with an email address when making their contribution will be privy to some "web-based extras" that he'll post as the production of the album rolls on.

So, uh, let's get this done, people? After all, if enough folks chip in, maybe we can hear that new Slobberbone album even sooner...

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