Busking with Sarah Jaffe, Part One: "I've Never Even Seen a Show at the Majestic"

The folks at Globe Trek Productions are back with another installment of the busking series, and they've picked a fine time to come back. This time around they managed to catch Sarah Jaffe in the middle of a busy schedule that includes a recently wrapped-up tour with the Polyphonic Spree. Oh, and there's that little thing where she's releasing a new album this week.

Appropriately, with Don't Disconnect about to get its proper release tomorrow, Jaffe popped into the Majestic Theatre a few days early to perform a couple songs on the same stage she'll be on this coming Saturday for her album release show.

For those who have followed Jaffe's progress over the years, this video will be a bit of a throwback. The Dallas native of course got her start as an acoustic performer. Over the years her music has morphed into a full ensemble, but for the busking she opted to go it alone once more. Of course, the song she plays here, "Slow Pour," is off the new album, which she alludes to having written out in Marfa, Texas at the beginning of the video.

Jaffe keeps things short and sweet without too much banter, but one surprise nugget of information does pop up: "I've never even seen a show here," she admits, clearly relishing the thought of playing the room again soon with people in the seats.

As luck would have it, there's more where this came from. Globe Trek got so much good footage of this shoot that they've split it up into two videos. Check back later in the week for part two.

Don't Disconnect gets its physical release tomorrow through Kirtland Records. Presale version are available through iTunes and Amazon.

SARAH JAFFE plays at 7 p.m., Saturday, August 23 at the Majestic Theatre, 1925 Elm St. Tickets here.

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