C-3PO Discusses Star Wars: In Concert, The Death Star

Yesterday over on Unfair Park, Robert posted quite the coup of an interview--a sit-down with Sir Anthony Daniels, or, as you and I know him best C-3PO.

The peg? Tonight's Star Wars: In Concert affair out at Cowboys Stadium, which, as we all know, hasn't had the best of fortune when it comes to the sound set-up of its other music affairs.

In total, the video lasts 9 minutes and 39 seconds. But if you're really short on time, just head on over to the post, skip ahead to the 9:15 mark, and check out this exchange in regards to one sort-of cosmic coincidence about tonight's affair:

Wilonsky: "Y'know, they don't call it The Death Star for nothing..."
C-3PO: "Do they call it The Death Star?"
Wilonsky: "They do."
C-3PO: "... wow... wow."

It's priceless, really.


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