Can I Get A Hellyeah? Yes, Actually: Vinnie Paul's Supergroup Announces Tour Dates, New Album Details.

What has drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott of Arlington's canon metal band Pantera been up to of late? Setting up for a stampede, turns out: His metal supergroup,


, announced last week some new tour dates. Oh, and there's this: The band is also finishing up recording


, the followup to its 2007, self-titled debut. Abbott's also co-producing the new disc alongside former Pantera producer Sterling Winfield.

And guess what, dudes? There'll be a tour date here in Dallas, something Vinnie seems pretty darn excited about in the above clip. Hellyeah will perform on Wednesday, May 5, at the Palladium Ballroom, with Papa Roach opening. Stampede, meanwhile, will be released on July 13, via Epic Records.

The band, you recall, includes Vinne Paul on the skins, plus Chad Gray and Greg Tribbet of Mudvayne, Tom Maxwell of Nothingface and Dallas' own Bob Zilla (of post-Pantera act Damageplan).

As for what the disc sounds like, Gray's explains his opinion on the band's homepage: "Stampede represents every emotion that you've ever had and everything that screams HELLYEAH!"

Looking forward to it, then.

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