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Canned Festival, a New Music Fest from the Makers of Untapped, Coming to Downtown Denton

Local bookers Spune have announced the Canned Festival for the first Saturday in October, an extension of their Untapped series of festivals.

These festivals aim to combine high quality music and alcohol into one intoxicating day out. After the success of the Fort Worth event, there's also been a Dallas date of September 7 announced, with Delta Spirit and Blackalicious accompanying a whole bunch of beer, but what's more interesting is the slight departure from the normal Untapped modus operandi for the Denton event.

Canned Festival, as you may have guessed from its name, will feature only beer served in cans. Rumors that the only song to be played all day at the event is "Canned Heat" by Jamiroquai have been dispelled by the announcement of a line-up including Seattle's Menomena (a band that it is impossible to think about and not insert "doo doo dododo" after, a la the Muppets' greatest contribution to musical culture) and local heroes Hares On The Mountain and Pageantry.

Most interesting of all is that the festival will take place in the same downtown Denton setting that troubled favorite event 35 Denton occupies. A testing of the waters? A window of opportunity exploited?

Who knows? Let's just get drunk outside, OK?

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Gavin Cleaver
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