Captain Incredible

In case you couldn't tell by the skull and crossed-electric-guitar logo, or by the album title, or by song titles such as "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," "Up to Eleven" and "No One Gets Out Alive"—this six-song, 19-minute EP is an abrasive blast of greasy hard rock.

And, as genres go, that's where to put them: The North Dallas boys aren't quite heavy enough or complex enough to be classified as metal; meanwhile, frontman Phipps Stewart lays down one too many shredding lead guitar parts for the band to fit neatly in the punk genre; and the band seems to be having too much fun for either.

"Radioactive," a rallying cry against boring commercial radio, starts out with a foreboding, Sabbath-like four-chord riff and piles on wheedly-wheedly lead guitar and straightforward drum-bashing as Stewart shouts about the state of radio: "I'm looking for a frequency that won't make me lose my mind." He uses an almost identical phrase in the next song, the Camaro-fast "See You When You're Dead," as he yells, "Hey there, Satan, I think I'm losing my mind." Things get a bit more disturbing as he enters the mind of a .45-toting killer in the nasty "No One Gets Out Alive," chanting "RFK got shot in the head." Bob Dylan he ain't.

The mood lightens for the disc's three remaining high-octane tracks, and the rockabilly-tinged closer even features a cameo from an acoustic guitar. Captain Incredible is not the brainiest of rock bands, but the guys have certainly answered the title question by disc's end.

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Jesse Hughey
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