Chairlift Covers Beyoncé, Stirs Both the Swagu and the Swag Sauce

Our fledgling feature Covering Tracks returns, its stated mission to bring you fascinating covers from the far flung reaches of the Web, or right here in our own backyard. A fine example of the kind of homegrown content we'd like to cultivate is the ongoing cover series from Australia's Triple J radio, Like A Version.

Brooklyn's Chairlift made the most recent visit to the Triple J studios, while on a tour stop in support of their terrific new album, Something. Caroline Polachek, Patrick Wimberly and company -- with special guest Kool A.D. of Das Racist -- paid homage to our greatest living diva, Beyoncé (R.I.P., Whitney).

Their cover of "Party" begins with a false intro of "Niggas In Paris" before busting into a soulful slow jam. Polachek effortlessly nails the Beyoncé vocal, effectively dripping "swagu." Watch as Kool A.D., playing the André 3000 role, almost comes in a verse too early, then drops some fresh rhymes he scrawled in his spiral during history class:

Now that's some contemporary, cross-genre cover magic. Download the track here. Perhaps they'll do the cover when they swing into Dada on Monday, April 16.

Stay tuned: In the weeks ahead we'll be bringing you brand new, exclusive covers from some of our favorite local acts. And, as always, willing volunteers and swag sauce suggestions are welcome.

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