Last year's logo was pretty awesome...
Last year's logo was pretty awesome...

Check Out The Lineup For How The Edge Stole Christmas 2009. Then Proceed To Groan.

It was a couple weeks back now that KDGE-102.1 FM The Edge announced the lineup for the 2009 version of its annual How The Edge Stole Christmas show.

And, uh, you'll have to pardon us for missing the announcement when it first came to pass. For pretty obvious reasons. More on that later, though. Like, say, after the jump, with the dates and bands billed for this two-night affair?

Here they are...

On Thursday, December 3, at the Nokia Theatre:
Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Flyleaf, Dead By Sunrise, Sick Puppies, Janus

On Friday, December 4, at the Nokia Theatre:
AFI, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Bravery, Cage the Elephant

Like last year's two-fer, there's some pretty distinct thematic differences between the two nights--terrible and not-so-terrible-but-not-very-great.

Unfortunately, neither is really grabbing us like last year's Death Cab/Snow Patrol/Shiny Toy Guns/Cold War Kids second-night bill did. Of the two options, gotta figure this year's Friday night bill's the bigger winner (apologies to Flyleaf, maybe), right? If for no other reason than its inclusion of Jordan Catalano. Last we heard, he and Tino were onto something big...


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