There may be other renovations and remodels coming to Club Dada in the near future (we'll wait to give you the formal details on those as soon as they're officially confirmed), but, in the meantime, this afternoon saw construction workers entering the long-running Deep Ellum venue's premises to start work on the room that has, for a long time now, been used almost exclusively as a green room.

The second room at Club Dada (just to the right of the main room if you're facing the venue from Elm Street) is being refurbished so the club can more easily and more appropriately host shows in this space, which will soon open under the banner of "The Listening Room at Club Dada".

Club Dada Begins Renovations On "The Listening Room"

"I've heard of this room being referred to as the Far Bar, as the Green Room, as the Art Bar," co-owner Ben Tapia says. "Call it what you will, but it was a storage room that looked like crap. I've got a full bar and two working restrooms in there that are going to waste."

So what's being done in that room? A lot, actually: The slightly raised level most recently used as a seating area is being razed and lowered to make the entire room the same floor level; the entire flooring of the room is being ripped up and replaced with new wood floors; a stage is being built against the wall where the couches currently sit; a large L-shaped bar is being installed; and a new sound system is being put in as well. (Workers will also be working on touching up and re-painting the front facade of the building during this time.)

The goal: To create a 100-person capacity room for acoustic shows to be held on a near-nightly basis, from 7 to 9 p.m.

Oh, and Tapia says Salim Nourallah has signed on to serve as the room's booking agent.

"We're still obviously going to use the other room as a full-on live music room, and use this as the green room for the bigger shows over there," Tapia says. "But we're going to have earlier shows over here, and we're also going to bring visual artists in for monthly residencies in the space as well."

Tapia say the room's grand opening will be on Friday, February 27.

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