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Club Dada to Re-Open? Maybe. But No Lease Has Been Signed Yet.

Since the shitstorm that was the entire month of July for Club Dada--a month so brutal, in fact, that the lights in the revered Deep Ellum venue went dark and haven't been turned back on since--I've been working on-again and off-again about a story about the venue's demise. And that story? Well, it was gonna be all set for your eyes to read come next Thursday morning.

But, today, via Pegasus News' Teresa Gubbins comes this bombshell: The Green Room, the restaurant located just across from Club Dada, is set to re-open--and, with it, the owners also plan on brining Club Dada back from the dead.

So, uh, yeah, that changes the tone of my piece a bit. To say the least.

Only, well, nothing's quite finalized on the Dada front just yet says Paula Ramsey, assistant to Chuck Hixson, vice president of asset management for Westdale Properties, the company that owns the Dada space. Hixson's out of the office for the day, Ramsey says, and couldn't be reached for comment. But as of today, no lease has been signed on Dada. Not according to her.

"No," Ramsey says. "We've got a prospective tenant, but the lease hasn't been signed yet. So, no, that wouldn't be accurate."

Doesn't mean one won't be signed soon, though.

We'll, of course, keep you posted as we learn more--well, assuming that doing so doesn't kick the legs out from under next week's feature. Either way, come next week, we should have a much clearer idea of what's happening at the storied Deep Ellum establishment.

Update at 5:36 p.m.: Just got in touch with Taylor Allday, one of the people behind The Green Room's re-opening, and asked about the chances of him and his partners re-opening Club Dada. In short, he confirms Westdale's stance that nothing has yet happened on that front.

"It's something we're working on, and we'd like to do," Allday says. "But, no, it's not anything that was ready to go to press today."

So, there's interest, but, as of now, there are no concrete plans in place for Dada to re-open in the immediate future. For what it's worth, last I heard, there were three interested parties talking with Westdale about potentially re-opening it. Sounds like we now can confirm the identities behind one of those parties. But as for an impending opening of the venue? Looks like we're still a ways off...

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