The 10 Best Concerts of the Week: Jack White, Fortress Festival, Judas Priest and More

The 10 Best Concerts of the Week: Jack White, Fortress Festival, Judas Priest and More
Jack White's in town for two shows this week at the Bomb Factory, but don't expect to snap any smartphone photos; the White Stripes frontman has banned them from his concerts for this tour. Cellphone-friendly shows include '80s shoegaze pioneer Slowdive, grunge influencers the Melvins, the best in local metal at the Dallas Metal Scene Showcase and more.

Ty Segall
8 p.m. Tuesday, April 24, Canton Hall, 2727 Canton St.,, $22

Garage, psych, indie, punk, jazz, hardcore, hell, even classic rock — they’re all tools in multi-instrumentalist Ty Segall’s varied songwriting repertoire. The San Francisco artist boasts one of the deepest discographies of any artist in any genre ever, spanning more than four dozen LPs, EPs, singles, live albums and collaborations, to
say nothing of his bootleg releases. This is matched only by Segall’s unconventional guitar chops, melodic brilliance and poignant lyricism. From his worst cuts to his best singles, there’s always something intensely fascinating going on in the artist’s music. If you’re interested in any stripe of rock, especially underground, lo-fi and experimental, you owe it to yourself to make this date. Jonathan Patrick

Eric B & Rakim
8 p.m., Wednesday, April 25, Bomb Factory, 2713 Canton St., $38-$168

Eric B & Rakim, who had a five-year career together, were at the top of the DJ/emcee game during what most consider rap’s golden age in the late 1980s. This year’s 17-date tour marks the first official outing from them in 25 years. Later this year, they’ll play the Yo! MTV Raps 30th anniversary concert. Diamond Victoria

Panda Bear
With Geologist, 8:30 p.m. Thursday, April 26, Canton Hall, 2727 Canton St.,, $21.50

Recalling psychotropic experiences and dreamy underwater worlds, Panda Bear’s music is pop stretched to its breaking point. As a founding member of art rock outfit Animal Collective, the producer born Noah Lennox helped pioneer some of the most dizzying pop of the last two decades. On his solo outings, Lennox pushes even further ahead. His tracks, which fuse beach moods with drones and looped percussion, make time feel pliable, suspending listeners in long, drifting expanses. Reminiscent of Brian Wilson at his strangest, a Panda Bear song is like spacing out on laughing gas — you could almost jam out to it if it didn’t swallow you so entirely. JP

9 p.m., Friday, April 27, Granada Theater, 3524 Greenville Ave., 214-824-9933 or, $42-$70

Slowdive got its start in England in the late 1980s. After three albums, the group disbanded, and members worked on other projects. But they’ve since been considered legends in early shoegaze. Last year, the group reunited for its self-titled album — its first in 22 years. Honing similar tones of moodiness to early Slowdive work, the album received glowing critical praise. DV

Jack White
8 p.m., Friday, April 27, and Sunday, April 29, Bomb Factory, 2713 Canton St.,, $85-$1135

Jack White, who visited last year to promote his Dallas-based bat company, Warstic, will return for shows April 27 and April 29 at the Bomb Factory. Expect lots of guitar riffs and quite a few new numbers from his upcoming album, Boarding House Reach, a copy of which is included with each ticket purchase. Jeff Strowe

8:30 p.m., Sunday, April 29, Trees, 2709 Elm St., 214-741-1122 or, $20-$22

The Melvins released their 27th studio album, Pinkus Abortion Technician on Friday, and includes dual bassists Steven McDonald and Jeff Pinkus (Butthole Surfers). The Washington-bred sludge metal band has been around for 35 years, greatly influencing the grunge movement that saw likes of Nirvana, Soundgarden and others from Seattle. DV

Dallas Metal Showcase
With Sardonic Witchery, Wyrm Chasm, The Black Moriah and Cropdust, 8 p.m., Friday, April 27, Trees, 2709 Elm St. or 214-741-1122,, $10

Dallas Music Scene started as a Facebook group bringing together local metal musicians and giving them a platform to promote their bands and shows. It's since evolved into the promotional group Dallas Metal Showcase that throws shows featuring the best in the scene. On Friday, catch Sardonic Witchery, Wyrm Chasm, The Black Moriah and Cropdust. DV

Parquet Courts
8 p.m. Saturday, April 28, Sons of Hermann Hall, 3414 Elm St., 214-747-4422, $20-$22

Although the band formed in Brooklyn, Parquet Courts frontman Austin Savage is indelibly linked with his hometown of Denton. While Savage started a number of fan favorite groups in DFW, Parquet Courts has been his most enduring project yet. The group’s latest release, Wide Awake, dropped in March to much acclaim. Grammy Award-winning producer Danger Mouse produced what could be the band’s catchiest album to date. Featuring funky beats and Savage’s characteristically raw vocal delivery, Parquet Courts is one of the coolest bands to come out of DFW, and its current seems to be taking its further than ever. Last year, Savage was up for a Grammy Award for the cover art on 2016’s Human Performance, and the band’s collaboration with Italian composer Daniele Luppi on last year’s Milano was also met with critical acclaim. It seems like 2018 is Parquet Court’s year. That’s great news for longtime fans but even better news for recent enthusiasts. Now’s your chance to hop on the bandwagon. Nicholas Bostick

Fortress Festival
With Father John Misty, Courtney Barnett, Chromeo, De La Soul, RZA, Chicano Batman Rapsody and more, 1 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, April 28-29, Modern Art Museum, 3200 Darnell St., Fort Worth, 817-738-9215 or, $59 and up

Fort Worth’s Fortress Festival is back for its second edition with a wonderfully diverse lineup that seamlessly includes a wide variety of genres and equal gender representation. It’s sure to deliver a lasting musical experience for anyone. The two-day affair takes place in the heart of Fort Worth’s cultural district and is anchored by headlining performances from indie rock stalwart Father John Misty, who just announced a new album called God’s Favorite Customer; the funk lordz from Chromeo; hip-hop legend De La Soul; and Courtney Barnett, one of the best songwriters in the world, who also has a new album on the way called Tell Me How You Really Feel. Aside from providing the opportunity to be one of the first to see your favorite artists perform new tracks, Fortress Festival also includes an outstanding lineup from North Texas-based acts such as The Texas Gentlemen, The Vandoliers, Francine Thirteen, Pearl Earl, Midnight Opera and Andy Pickett. Mikel Galicia

Judas Priest
With Saxon and Black Star Riders, 8 p.m. Saturday, April 28, The Bomb Factory, 2713 Canton St.,, $72.25

Judas Priest is still a powerful and intense band after almost 50 years in existence. Founding member Ian Hill on bass, longtime vocalist Rob Halford and longest-tenured drummer Scott Travis are touring their latest, Firepower. Axe man Glenn Tipton has Parkinson’s disease and cannot tour full-time with the band, so producer Andy Sneap has stepped into his role. Alongside Richie Faulkner, who joined in 2011, expect the patented dual guitar lines to vaporize the audience. It's incredible Halford remains one of the best metal vocalists around, and respect must be given to one of the most influential metal bands ever. Eric Grubbs
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