Could The Upcoming LL Cool J And Janet Jackson Dallas Date Be Both Acts' Last? Probably Not. But Still...

The folks at Idolator point out a couple interesting little bits about the upcoming Janet Jackson/LL Cool J show coming to the American Airlines Center on October 22--a show which Observer contributor Quia Querisma quite hilariously dubbed "The Botox Tour" earlier this week.

Seems both LL Cool J and Miss Jackson are having some label issues, and, "if the music industry were to have what seems to be its way, the Oct. 22 Dallas date would be both acts' music biz retirement party."

The site goes on to discuss Jackson's upcoming Island-Def Jam departure and LL Cool J's poor sales (which has the man wondering if his label's poor marketing plan are the cause), and essentially opens up discussion to whether or not anyone would mind if these two once-luminary, washboard-stomached solo acts might be best left out to pasture for the remainder of their careers.

Quips one of the site's commenters: "Maybe they can just release workout DVDs for fortysomethings and leave music to younger, less disturbingly muscular artists." --Pete Freedman

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