Cut Copy, Matt & Kim, Knightlife

Cut Copy successfully mashes together its musical influences of disco, Motown, shoegaze and trance, while adding some melody and decent lyrics. And, as such, its second full-length release, last year's In Ghost Colours, ended up on lots of "best albums of the year" lists. More impressive, though, is that the trio matches its studio capabilities with a worthwhile live performance—good enough at least to find the band opening for Daft Punk and holding its own.

Mixing electric guitar, bass, drums, synths and sequencers, this trio from Melbourne has polished its showmanship through extensive touring over the past year. When Cut Copy played the Granada last September for a show with fellow Aussies The Presets, the house was packed, the crowd was diverse and the music was intense. Everyone left happy.

Same should be the case on this bill, which is supported by Brooklyn DIY punkdancers Matt & Kim, which just released its second full-length, Grand. Having transitioned from performing floor shows in warehouses to playing theater stages, these happy shiny kids should provide an exuberant entrée into Cut Copy's show. Another electronic Aussie act, Knightlife, opens.

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