Dallas-Born Final Destination Star Miles Fisher Spoofs Saved By The Bell For New Music Video

Miles Fisher is becoming something of a renaissance man.

The actor and musician, born and raised in Dallas, and the son of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas president Richard Fisher, stars in Final Destination 5, the latest in the long-lasting film series, which will be released in theaters nationwide today.

Fisher's pretty much looks like a Tom Cruise doppelganger -- a fact that surely helped him land the role of Cruise in 2008's Superhero Movie 

But aside from a burgeoning acting career, which includes an appearance in a past episode of Mad Men and an upcoming role in Clint Eastwood's biopic J. Edgar, Fisher's also released a handful of pop singles.

In the video for his latest song "New Romance," directed by David Green, he was able to combine his two careers: The clip is a spoof on Saved By The Bell, and features most of his Final Destination 5 cast mates. In true Final Destination fashion, everyone in the Saved By The Bell gang suffers a gruesome death one by one. It's a pretty hilarious watch. And the song is pretty solid, too -- although that's probably to be expected, considering that it was co-penned by Rooney singer Robert Schwartzman.

Check it out after the jump. There, we've also posted Fisher's first video, a cover of the Talking Heads song "This Must Be The Place." As with his new video, his take on "This Must Be The Place" is also a spoof -- this time a send-up of American Psycho, and also directed by Green.

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