Dallas Observer Mixtape with DJ Soi of Faded Deejays: Thundercat, Al Green & More

For the past nine years, DJ Soi has been carving out his niche in the Dallas scene as part of the Faded Deejays. Rooted in a diverse musical background, Soi has grown into more of an open format DJ with a funky twist. For this week's short but action-packed mix, he bobs and weaves through a wild mix of genres unified by a very distinct vibe.

Dallas Observer
: How did you get started deejaying? How long have you been at it?

DJ Soi:
I was always interested in deejaying but could never afford the gear. So for me it all started when my brother brought home one of those DJ-in-a-box setups they sold at Guitar Center. I think it was made by Gemini. Well he never used it, so I started learning on that, and I started buying records from Core Records, Bill's, Illmatic and Forever Young. It was mostly drum and bass and classic hip-hop stuff and I started teaching myself how to mix. This was back in 2001, so I guess I've been at it for about 15 years, but I would say six of those years I [was] a bedroom DJ, so to me it's only been about nine years of actual deejaying.

How was this mix made? Is there a particular theme for the track selection?

This mix was made on two Technics turntables and a Rane Sixty-Two mixer recorded into Ableton in one shot. I guess as far as theme goes I would say I just try to fit different genres of music in one mix that would show my taste in music and what I do, but at the same time introduce people to new/old sounds.

What is your relationship with Dallas DJ culture?

Man, Dallas has so many talented DJs. Even though I don't personally know many of them, I do know who they are and I can respect their hustle. As far as relationship, I like to pop into some different nights around town from now and then to check them out.

How did Faded Deejays get started?

Faded Deejays started before we even knew it. What I mean by that is that me, Mutemor and Nemeses always found ourselves playing the same gigs, so one day we just said, "Hey, since we’re always deejaying together, let's just be a crew," so in 2007 we chose a name. I was outvoted on it so we became the Faded Deejays. Nemeses later decide to lay low and we recruited new members who always showed love and who we always DJ with anyway. That's the short version of it.

Where do you like to dig for new tracks?

Nowadays I ether go back and dig through my own library or go on blogs that I like, and some are sent straight to my email.

What preferences do you have as far as genres you like to play?

I'm an open format DJ but genres I prefer would be anything that's funky and keeps people moving, whether it’s tropical bass, house or future beats, so I guess more on the electronic side of it.

What new music has caught your ear this year?

The new A Tribe Called Quest album made my whole year, really.

What was the most profound musical experience you have had in the past year?

Man, there are a few. One of the most memorable would be playing the My Vinyl Weighs a Ton tour when they came to Dallas. Peanut Butter Wolf is a cool dude. The other would be opening up for Shortkut (ISP, Beat Junkies Sound). And just acting like fools with my crew is always a blast.

What gigs do you have in the near future?

Well, there's my monthly that I started this year at Off The Record every third Thursday. Then there's our (Faded Deejays) monthly at Club Dada. Then we have a few random shows lined up with Red Bull.

1. Sonora - Indiginous Dub
2. Thundercat - Them Changes (A1 Flip)
3. Mini Conga - El Buga
4. New President - Bulljun
5. Teddy Pendergrass - Love TKO (J-Lah Remix)
6.Tom Scott - Troy (Emynd Remix)
7. Al Green - Gotta find a new world (Emynd Remix)
8. Star Slinger - May I walk with you
9. Mon Rivera - Ya llego (Captain Planet Remix)
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