Hell yeah! DOMAs!
Hell yeah! DOMAs!
Ed Steele

18 More Days Until the Dallas Observer Music Awards Ceremony. Yay!

Yes, you read that correctly. Eighteen more days until Dec. 4, which is when the DOMAs ceremony is (at Canton Hall) and 15 more days until the showcase Dec. 1 (all throughout Deep Ellum).

This is exciting. We are excited. Are you excited? (Say yes.)

Because its our 30th DOMAs, we are celebrating celebration. We're celebrating our youth. Our age. Our time together. All those things. The theme is also Dirty 30 but also celebration. Anyway. Our ceremony artists will perform their best celebration/birthday song. DJ Wanz Dover, Remy Reilly, PriMadonna, Yells at Eels, Becky Middleton, Rosegarden Funeral Party, Cure For Paranoia and American Idol alumnus Jason Castro are all set to perform at the ceremony.

To hand out our 38 awards, the Dallas Observer music writers will hand out some, as well as Castro and Texas Rangers Hall of Fame radio broadcaster Eric Nadel.

This is exciting. Are you excited? (Scream yes this time.)

Get your tickets. (The ceremony is free, however, because we are givers.) Don't have FOMO. Be there.

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