Dance Disaster Movement, Kill Me Tomorrow, The Undoing of David Wright

Dance Disaster Movement is one of the countless "post-punk-funk" bands in recent years that blazes a new trail in the swallowing forest that is Rock Influence. Yeah, they're a MySpace peer of The Faint or !!! and reach for a Gang of Four-meets-DNA balance of synthesizer schizophrenia, but revisionism isn't a crime when it's as genuinely interesting as this. Think of DDM as a rug-cutting Clinic, and combine their Saturday night set with the smutty, conceptually like-minded Kill Me Tomorrow, and you've got a worthy white-belt-hipster hoedown. Arrive early and bring an extra pair of undies, because local noise perverts The Undoing of David Wright will make you mess yourself, and it's no fun dancing with loaded trousers.
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Matt Hursh