DC9 at Night is Looking for Writers

We're a few weeks into 2015 now and mostly settling into our post-New Years ruts. Er, grooves. We've either started following through on whatever resolutions we set for ourselves or already decided, "What the hell, I didn't want to have to exert myself anyways." Either way, good for us.

But here at DC9 at Night we're about ready to start shaking things up again. Which can only mean one thing: a fresh call for writers! That's right, if you've been deliberating over whether you want to try your hand at writing about the music you love, then the time is perfect. We're looking for folks just like you.

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As usual, we're looking for candidates of all stripes and musical interests. But we're extending a special invitation to women and minorities, whose perspectives we'd love to hear far more of in the conversation surrounding Dallas music. The bigger diversity of voices the better, we say.

So what else are we looking for exactly in our would-be writers? Here are some guidelines:

-- A good working knowledge of the Dallas-Fort Worth and North Texas music scene, including country, hip hop, metal, punk, electronic and dance music (among others)

-- Strong opinions about the music they listen to and a willingness to share and articulate them

-- An eagerness to report on and learn more about bands and genres outside of their comfort zone, especially ones outside of typical indie rock and mainstream coverage

-- The ability to generate story ideas, including more conceptual and outside-the-box pieces that go beyond standard show reviews and previews

-- Some experience interviewing bands and reviewing shows preferred, but not required

-- An adherence to deadlines and ability to meet them on often-overnight time frames

Does that sound like you? You bet it does. Interested candidates should send writing samples and a brief introduction to our music editor, Jeff Gage, at jeff.gage@dallasobserver.com.


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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.