DC9 at Night Mixtape with Chris Roze

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Chris Roze is somewhat of a newcomer to the Dallas DJ scene, but over the past few years he has made his mark on area clubs. Through his role as a member of the Trillwave crew and their associated parties, Roze has helped bring a string of touring bass specialists to It'll Do Club. This week, in fact, they feature Pittsburgh-based Kastle for a rare Dallas appearance.

In this week's Mixtape, Roze leans heavily on four-on-the-floor house-related genres. For the Q&A, he also reveals a little bit about his brief but fruitful journey as a resident DJ.

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How did you get started DJing?

Roze: In college I started listening to electronic music and decided I wanted to try it out. That's when I decided to buy my first set of turntables. They were belt-driven Numarks because I was a poor college kid!

How long have you been at it?

I started 12 years ago, but didn't start playing out until 2012.

How was this mix made?

This mix was recorded on a Pioneer Nexus setup.

Is there a particular theme for the track selection?

This mix is a sampling of what you'll hear at Trillwave on Wednesdays. We play lots of bass music that ranges from dark tech house to Jersey club. This one was fun because it "resets" the energy two or three times and covers many genres and sounds.

Where do you dig for tracks for your sets? 

I go to Soundcloud, blogs and a few subscription sites.

Do you have a preference as far as genres go?

Not really. l've not been tied to one specific genre. Lately I've been on a tech house and garage kick.

How did you get involved with Trillwave?

I went to one of their shows at The Foundation Room and started "harassing" them with mix CD's. We hung out a bit during SXSW last year and from there we really hit it off. After playing Trillwave last March, then helping out with the Fool's Gold party they asked if I'd like to join.

Who are some of your favorite DJs or producers?

Of course there's too many to list but locally I gotta give love to Left/Right, Cache Money and Red Eye. I also want to thank Blake Ward and Rawb Lane. Those two gave me my first opportunities to play. Outside of Dallas, I'm currently into the Bixel Boys and most of the producers on Trouble & Bass.

Do you still buy vinyl?

Occasionally If I come across something rare or unique. I just started going through my collection to re-listen and catalog. I've got everything from 2000 era D&B to '30s jazz. I'd like to do a vinyl mix at some point and I'm sure there are some great samples hidden in my collection.

Do you produce music? 

I've made a few remixes and edits in Logic but nothing original yet. I'm diving head-first into Ableton this year.

Where are your ambitions as a DJ?

I never thought I'd be where I'm at today! I'm very humble to be in a DJ crew and have a weekly. Locally I'd like to continue guesting at friends' events and get more opportunities to open for headliners. I mean I'd love to play in others cities but that only comes if I'm successful as a producer which is down the road.

As a DJ do you put greater importance on entertainment or education when it comes to your audience?

I try to mix in a little of both. It always depends on the crowd and venue. Some venues you can play underground music all night and the crowd will stay interested. At the beginning of the night I try to sprinkle in tracks that are popular or familiar to get people dancing. As the floor fills I try to mix in stuff that's new that I think they'll like.

Do you have any regular go-to tracks that are always in your crates at gigs?

I save the crates from most of my big shows and my mixtapes. I'll usually scan them throughout the night if I need a hot track to bring the crowd around. Lately if been leaning on "Bounce-Intermodal" and most of Nevermind's bootlegs to keep it hot and it's worked!!

What gigs do you have coming up? 

We (Trillwave Dallas) have Kastle coming this Friday to It'll Do. The Chinese Block Party this Saturday with Proper DJ Collective. Every Wednesday at Beauty Bar with Trillwave.

 1. Fallen Down (Justin Martin Remix)- Nadastrom (Friends of Friends) 2. Circles (Eats Everything Remix) - Adam F 3. What About Us (Worthy Remix) - Flume & Chet Faker 4. Dark Sky - IYP (Mister Saturday Night) 5. Mind Control - Metacentric (Audiophile Deep) 6. Parklife - Chambray (Kompass Recordings) 7. Max Out - Metacentric (Audiophile Deep) 8. Vowel Play (Original) - Them Jeans (No Brainer Records) 9. Panda - Frost 10. Cowbell Tool - Sly One (Black Butter Records) 11. Stampede - Cause & Affect (OWSLA) 12. The Sound Feat. Unique - Tony Quattro (Toolroom) 13. The Bounce (Original Mix) - Intermodal (Onelove) 14. 8-Bit Love - Kaos (Youtellme) 15. Heckno - Nevermind (Trouble & Bass) 16. Control - Doctor Jeep (Forthcoming Digital Soundboy) 17. U N Me (Original Mix) - Petey Clicks (Party Like Us) 18. Pumps (MikeQ Remix) - Imaabs (Diamante Records) 19. Monochrome Ting - Branstone x DJ Swisha Sweet x DJ Swaqqy Dolphin (STHWST) 20. Bubble and Wine Up (Urban Knights Remix) - Wax Wreckaz Ft. Etzia (Top Billin) 21. MLLN DLLR - Sweater Beats (Justus) 22. Puppiez (Original Mix) - Jubilee x Burt Fox (Boysnoize Records) 23. Learn 2 Love - Melé (Quadrants) 24. Amphibian (Shlohmo + 2KWTVR remix) - RL Grime (WEDIDIT) 25. It's Ok - AObeats (Moving Castle)


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