DC9 at Night Mixtape with RCA

Corey Adamson, aka RCA, is a true soldier of the ever bustling, forever hustling Dallas drum and bass scene. It's a scene that is still going strong for well over a decade. His DC9 mix pays heavy tribute to the earliest jungle roots of drum and bass, a tastefully old school style mix of new and old school. It's a perfect soundtrack for adding an extra bounce to a busy day or raging night. You can catch RCA at his Two:Tone residency every Thursday inside Wits End in Deep Ellum. For this weeks Q&A RCA shares his love of dtrum and bass and what pushed him to get behind this music.

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DC9 at Night: How did you get started DJing?

Adamson: I developed an intense love for good music in my early years as a wee lad. Through adolescence, as my musical taste refined, I discovered dance music and was blown away by the versatility it offered. I became entrenched in b-boy, rave and party culture. With some help from friends who I grew up with (Matt E.P., Kee and the late great DJ Frantic), I learned the ways of the wheels. I actually got started somewhere around 2000 on a pair of plastic belt-driven Gemini turntables and a no-frills Vestax scratch mixer. I would make horrible mixtapes for my girlfriend (now wife), mixing all sorts of different genres.

Is there a particular theme for the track selection of this mix?

I wanted to showcase roots-based jungle music that heavily featured the Amen Break sample and include tunes from as far back as 20 years ago. The reggae influenced vibe has always been my favorite and as you can hear in the mix, has stood the test of time as jungle has evolved. With DnB culture on the rise once again, I feel it important to pay homage to the roots and educate the new breed of young fans that are discovering the sound.

Do you still buy vinyl? Where do you dig for tracks for your sets?

When I come across a rarity at a good price, I snag it, but I rarely actively shop for records anymore. I love hunting through blogs, boards, online music stores and other people's mixes for new or rare music. It's honestly half the fun of DJing, as my love for sharing new or obscure tunes is what drives me as a performing artist.

Who have been some of your favorite DJs to share a bill with?

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This year in particular has been a dream as it pertains to performing alongside some of my musical heroes. I've had the pleasure of sharing the decks with artists like DJ SS, Marvelous Cain, AK1200, Loxy and Dara among others, but I think my most memorable all time are R.A.W., Klute and DJ Dan. Those three guys are pure class and I have the utmost respect for them musically and personally.

What other types of music are you into outside of dance music?

I have always loved a ton of different stuff. As a drummer in my teens, I was in a punk rock band but dabbled in funk, hip hop and all sorts of forms of rock. I have had a passion for the broken beat from the beginning but I feel there is great music in just about every genre including that which follows a 4/4 format.

Who are some of your favorite producers and DJs, locally or otherwise?

We have a treasure trove of diverse musical talent here in Dallas. There are way too many to include everyone but I love what Demarkus Lewis has done while transcending genre. Left/Right is a genius producer/DJ/event coordinator. Phooka and Squirt are simply amazing turntablists. The Trillwave DJs always bring it. J-Who and Michael Todd's track selection is always on point and there are a TON of great DnB DJs including Titan, Katalyst, Noso, Hunter Vaughn and my crew mates Mass Destruction, Norm 3 and Thomas Alien just to name a few. Also got to give a shout to MC Astro as a mainstay in Dallas DnB for years. I am extremely proud to represent Dallas and I know I am missing a slew of people but for the sake of time and web space, I will leave it at that.

What gigs do you have coming up?

A couple specific shows of note coming up in January include Tribe Steppaz, Liminal and Raga Scum on the 15th, and Random Movement on the 29th. 

 1. Congo Natty/Rebel MC + Lady Chan - Jungle Is I And I (Vital Elements Mix) 2. R.A.W - Jungle Lick 3. Cutworks - Speakin' 4. 6Blocc - Herbal Junglist 5. DJ Bass - Take a Lick 6. The Dream Team - Watch Out (Bladerunner Remix) 7. Top Cat - Mr Undertaker (Remark Mix) 8. Heretic + Beenie Man - Oyster & Conch (Rude Bwoy Plastic Mix) 9. Jinx In Dub - Amen In Session 10. Da Maytrix - Come Een 11. Chopstick Dubplate + Demolition Man - Deya Now 12. Liz-E - Need You 13. Kartoon - Madman Riddim (VIP) 14. Richie Spice - Marijuana (Rassterlin VIP) 15. R.A.W - Original Junglist 16. Radical Sound - Trigger 17. DJ Gunshot - Bad Boy 18. XTC & DJ Keen Nottingham - Reload And Come Again 19. 6Blocc - Never Gonna


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