DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 22: The Beaten Sea

...and for those stuck on Youtube still, here's your link.

You might recognize a few familiar faces in the crowd at last week's DC9 in SPACE taping with The Beaten Sea--namely, the members of The Fox & The Bird, who themselves stopped by SPACE a few weeks back, which makes sense, of course. Aside from being friends with this promising new duo comprising of Jamie Wilson and Benj Pocta, that act and this one share a lot of similarities. As such, in the above clip, you can expect to hear some folky tunes with gothic and even gospel underpinnings (the crowd's singing along helps on that front).

You'll also hear the band admit to the fact that they don't really consider themselves to be very much in the way of musicians, which, though perhaps overdoing it in the humility department, makes the above clip all the more remarkable; at the very least, as you'll surely agree upon watching the clip, this duo has a knack for songwriting. Anyway, check it out. This was a pretty special taping, and the above video--greatly edited by our own Patrcik Michels as always--portrays as much quite well.

Tonight's taping, which takes place at 7:30 at SPACE Studio (2814 Main St.), should also be a pretty special affair. Our guests this evening are the members of HYMNS, an act which, although based in New York, features a number of members who've cut their teeth plenty in the Dallas music scene. As always, the event is free to attend. We hope you will.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.