DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 24: The Rocketboys

...and for y'all who are still stuck on Youtube, take your link.

Austin's The Rocketboys, once upon a time, were known as Homer Hiccolm & the Rocketboys, and, at that point, they were based out of Abilene. That alone, actually, makes them the best formerly-mispelled-October Sky-referencing band ever to come out of Abilene--without question, really. Surely, that has to keep the band members warm at night.

Fortunately, the band's got some legs to stand on in addition to the above distinction. Among them? Impressive harmonies and melodies, and, overall, quite the pleasing, heartfelt indie rock sound. Hear it for yourself on the band's just-released debut full-length 20,000 Ghosts, for which the band hosted a CD release party for its many Dallas fans at Trees last Wednesday night. It was quite the performance, too, actually--bolstered in part by the fact that the Trees performance marked the Rocketboys' first in town with Dallas native and former New Frontiers drummer Alex Bhore added into its lineup.

Before that show, though, Bhore and his new band stopped by for a taping of our ongoing weekly DC9 in SPACE series--our 24th episode, by the way--to offer up DC9 readers and a group of fans in attendance a couple intimate takes of its tracks. Such treatment worked wonders, too--especially on the band's longtime crowd favorite "Heartbeat," which ends the above clip.

Oh, and by the way: Tonight, we'll be filming our 25th installment of the series. Should make for both a good time and a nice change of pace, too, actually, as we welcome dance-punk act Giggle Party in to SPACE Studio (located at 2814 Main St.) for a 7:30 p.m. filming. Like all our DC9 in SPACE tapings, tonight's is free to attend. Also? I have it on good authority that there's silly string involved in this one. So, yeah, stop on by. I'll see you there.

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Pete Freedman
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