DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 26: Seryn

...Youtube loyalists may also watch the video here.

Last week, we welcomed the friendly five-piece known as Seryn into SPACE Studio's confines for our weekly DC9 in SPACE taping. And, just as the band had done at Good Records a few weeks before, and even though it's just a few months old, it still impressed.

Like crazy, in fact.

Of course, let's not get ahead of ourselves: This is still a band very much discovering what exactly it is. But, already though, there are the gorgeous harmonies. And, sure enough, lush arrangements and broad instrumentations--which is no doubt what first caught Telegraph Canyon's eye when it asked Seryn to open its in-store performance. Plus: Singalong choruses, go figure.

Oh, like we wouldn't approve? That's like a checklist to our heart around here. Which, sure, is why we're probably so excited about what we're hearing from the band--mostly, we hope, because this is only the beginning. Seryn's songs, after all, are still in the process of being created and crafted.

Even so, it's quite the joy to hear the band at this early point in its existence--and hopefully you'll agree after checking out the above episode, our 26th in the ongoing series. Enjoy!


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