DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 27: This Old House

...and for the Youtube inclined, here's your link.

Last week, we welcomed the four young Denton gents in This Old House to Hal Samples' SPACE Studio for what, turns out, will be the final episode of the DC9 in SPACE series. We'll still have regular tapings with local bands, mind you--just not in Hal's loft space, as tonight, after an exhibit called "HOME," Hal's gallery will close its doors.

Many thanks to both him and his SPACE staff for helping us make this series a reality and a success far greater than any of us imagined when we first started this endeavor back in early May. Given the circumstances, there'll be no taping tonight; instead, we ask you to stop on by 2814 Main Street this evening and thank Hal for his contributions to this series, to Deep Ellum and to the local arts scene as a gallery owner for the past few years.

But back to the music: Sonically, it's quite fitting that This Old House was the final band taped at SPACE. Calming and ethereal, the quartet's atmospheric indie rock provided the DC9 in SPACE series a proper, peaceful goodbye. The band, named not for Bob Vila's TV show but for a painting at one of the members' homes, may only be a few months old, but its sound is a lush, intricate one, existing confidently somewhere between jammy and indie realms--and in quite an alluring way, too. You'll see what I mean in the above clip.

And, if you enjoy what you see, catch the band later this month, on November 29, at Dan's Silverleaf.

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